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Concept of Simple House Design

Having a simple house design is not boring if you know the right way to carry the style. People love to decorate the house in simple and easy look since they want to avoid the cluttering effect. You just have to use a little effort for decorating and maintaining the house.

Make sure that your simple house is not lack of personal state. You need to reflect your character when decorating the room. The harmony should be clearly perceived in each room. If you like with white and black color combo, you need to stick with it. Don’t apply many striking colors like orange, red or even blue on the living room since they can carry distracting effect.


Decide the focal point in the room. The living room can be focused on the fireplace and entertainment system. If you love to set a focus on the bedroom, you can use the bed frame. Adorn the bed with throw pillows, bedding, comforter, and flattering fabric. The dining room is always focused on the decoration of the dining furniture set. If you want to define the kitchen, you can use the countertop or even kitchen island as the focus point in the simple house design.


Everything in the house should bring balance style. If the room is made in small scale, don’t set the bulky furniture. It cannot bring balance effect. The small room should be adorned with simple, sleek and slim furniture pieces. The color inside the house should carry effortless effect. You can combine two or three colors. Don’t mix many colors in one room since it can make the room look overdone. The color is not only represented through the wall. You can also add more color on the accessories like the curtain, area rug, potteries, and other small pieces in the simple house design.

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