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Complete Bamboo Interior Walls Design Ideas

Complete bamboo interior design ideas are one of the most natural-themed home interior ideas. In addition environmentally friendly, the bamboo interior design gives a uniquely distinctive look to a home.

The bamboo specification:
1. A high flexibility
2. Heat-resistant and non-flammable
3. Adjustable to the necessity due to the different sizes.
4. Very environmentally friendly due to its capability to reach its maturity quickly
5. Nontoxic

Bamboo is a natural material that is widely grown in Asia. So, it’s not surprising that bamboo is often used to make the various elements of the building, including the walls of the house. Unfortunately, most people apply complete bamboo interior design ideas on the walls only in two ways, which is woven and fully arranged, both horizontally and vertically.

Before it’s used as the raw material of the complete bamboo interior design ideas, it has to be soaked firstly in the chemical fluid ( the mixture of water and formalin) for 14 days. It’s meant to preserve the bamboo and also to make it bug-resistant. After 14 days, bamboo is dried in the temperature of about 350°C to get rid of the toxic effect of the chemical fluid.

The bamboo is relatively energy efficient due to the time requirement and the installation cost that are cheaper and shorter than the reinforced concrete wall. Therefore, a complete bamboo interior design ideas are on of the headlining trends in this global warming era.

The woven bamboo utilization as the wall material is kind of familiar to us. It can be applied, both for the exterior wall and also the interior wall. Usually, the bamboo skin is the common part to be applied for the wall construction due to its weatherproof and its beautiful texture which are very perfect to actualize a complete bamboo interior design ideas.

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