Comfortable And Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Comfortable And Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas – Romantic bedroom design is a dream of all the couples, because the romantic design can reflect the intimacy of the couple and can bring a good mood.

Here are some tips for designing a romantic yet comfortable bedroom:

Stimulate your senses by displaying flowers freshly cut from the garden or the florist. You can also use aromatherapy candles to get the same effect. Make sure not to overdo it in choosing fragrances. Choose a mild aroma like lilac or bergamot. The fragrances that have stinging fragrant is far from being sexy.

Make your bedroom into a stress-free zone by always keeping it neat. Use the pretty-designed basket as a space to store books or magazines, so as not to be scattered all over the bedroom. To reduce clutter in the closet or even you need a bigger drawer to store clothes or anything, buy a bed that has a built-in storage underneath.

Soft light
Avoid having overly bright lighting in the room. Therefore, consider using candles or a classic-fashioned lamp. Thus, the room will be filled with the romantic aura. For the main lighting, choose neon or halogen lamp which emits soft bright light. To make the nuance more intimate, add one spot light as in the back of the bed to highlight the background.

Comfort is the main key in creating a romantic bedroom. You can quickly transform your bedroom into the most comfortable bedroom in the world by selecting a good and soft mattres. The goose feather blanket is a good choice for its soft and light character.

Simple and casual
When creating a romantic bedroom, you want the room feels open, inviting, but not stuffy. There’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of formality to the bedroom, like a candle for example. But, keep it simple and relaxed atmosphere in order to make the room seem warmer.

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