Colors Are IN!

With Fall approaching and the leaves turning different shades of colors, we are looking at more and more color accents in our designs! Here are some wonderful ways and examples to add some color to your home.


1. You can do an overall theme to your room. Color the walls in a certain shade of color and get some matching sheets in different shades.

2. You can choose a thematic color to show throughout your room and contrast with another color. Contrasting colors are sure to pop!

3. You can choose a theme for your room, like Beach theme and choose beach-style colors, or Polka dots

4. One thing you can do to make a color really pop in your room is keep the walls, sheets, and furniture a solid color, and add a bright painting to the wall. Check out are stunning example!

5. For kids rooms – use their favorite color!



Another example for this right here:

6. If you cannot decide on just one color, make your room happy and fun by using bright colors all over the place. But make sure to keep your base either a solid black or a solid white so as not to overwhelm

7. Paint your walls in fun colors to contrast the rest of the solid colored furniture and floor

8. Accessorize with color!


Here is a fun room that combines a theme, accessories, wall color, sheets, and contrast to make their room fun and chic simultaneously!


We hope that these fun ideas help you add some color into your home life!