Colorful Indian Bedroom Style Ideas

The India’s interior design that is characterized by a warm and calm atmosphere, can be presented in your bedroom. So, your bedroom will could have another level by offering a quality rest after daily activity. Of course, in addition to comfort, the stylish Indian bedroom interior design will also make your bedroom look more exotic. The Indian interior design is a very exceptional design ever made. It has one main characteristic that distinguishes it with the other ethnic interior designs, it’s the play of bold and bright colors.

The Indian bedroom design is usually noticed by a blend of rich colors which creates a cheerful and vibrant impression. The color application in the Indian bedroom design is one of the important elements. The colors that are often applied or is widely used in Indian architecture usually bright colors and natural tones.

The colors usually used in the interior design of this one of South Asian countries are bright colors and natural tones, Such as yellow, red, orange, bluegreen, or gold and earthy colors (brown and its gradation).

Those colors can be integrated into either on the elements of the foundation (wall and floor) or ornaments, Such as beds, pillows, the “sari” ornaments and other accessories as a decoration in the bedroom.

For the walls, it’s recommended for you to apply yellow or other bright colors. Meanwhile, brown or other neutral colors will be suitable for the floor. To further create the nuance of Indian culture, use green-clothed bedframe embroidered with gold color.

Beside the color application, the Indian bedroom design is mostly decorated with many wall hangings, such as paintings or carvings. Therefore, it also enhances the atmosphere of cheerness and brightness in the bedroom.

The Indian interior design might not be very popular like the other ethnic interior design like Balinese or Japanese design, but for you who, especially live in the tropical region, want difference, it’s very recommended to apply the Indian bedroom design.

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