Storage Design

Closet Design Trends

Design your Closets in the most comfortable way in which you could calmly portray your lifestyle. Many customers demand designs that could transform their small closets into mind blowing space for storage. Some want to remodel their spacious closets in to something opulently inspiring.

 Keeping a ladder in your closet space is the most common trend which many customers opt for because of its handy and inexpensive nature.

 You could even decorate your leather by painting it in vibrant or contrasting colors and wiring silk lighting around it for an amazing effect.

 Another brilliant design to avail is the pouches that could have labeling on it and could refuge categories of storage items ranging from shoes to old stuff toys.

 The best upcoming trend to go for is the celebrity inspired look for your closet. This design is characterized by custom cabinetry that could harbor your perfect party dresses, and would have a spate place for casual wearing.

 Your closet could have marble flooring and even a four-tier crystal chandelier that could highlight upon you dresses while you’re trying them on.

 Mirrors could be fitted all over the wall of all sides, so maximum utility is obtained with an aesthetic sleek feel. Gliding drawers to hold jewelry and rotating rods for hand bags could give a wow-factor to the whole place.