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Classic Victorian Style Homes

Victorian home styles are wonderful, elegant and rich. People who love to bring the beauty of the old world can have the Victorian interior decorating for their house.

Even though you have to spend much cash for purchasing the antiques, elegant furniture piece, fabric and accessories, it will make you satisfied and impressed when you see the result. The elements in the house should carry the characteristics of Victorian style. It brings intricate pattern, ornate furniture, and textured fabric with jewel like tone.

There are many themes that you can have to adorn the Victorian style homes. If you love with antique theme, you just have to shop for the items in the flea market and secondhand stores. Both offer you with a lot of types of antique figurines, vases, pottery, frame pictures, candle holder, candle stick, and artistic pan. The carved look should occur when you select the furniture, accessories, bookshelves, cabinet, drawer, side table, Kitchen Island, chairs and many other pieces. The wood used by the antique furniture includes mahogany, rosewood, teak, and oak.

If you do not like with those types of wood, you can opt for the durable teak wood. But ensure that it is highly polished in dark color. Don’t forget to take note that furniture in Victorian style comes in rounded edges. If you want to eliminate the monotony of the intricate and carved wooden furniture, you can accessorize the Victorian interior design with some metal artworks such as metal figurines and statues. Unlike the modern style which is dominated with plain pattern, you need to pick the heavily patterned fabric for the Victorian house. The chair can be upholstered by using floral pattern fabric. Pick the upholstery made from velvet or even silk. The curtain in Victorian style homes should be thick and fall to the ground.

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