Interior Design

City Living

City Living is often characterized by tight, cramped spaces, little to no storage, and expensive apartments. However, despite their size, these small spaces can also be the most stylish.

Living in the city does not mean that you have to blend into the crowd. This pink townhouse in New York does a great job of standing out.

While granted, storage is often a huge problem with city living, don’t let the cramped spaces also cramp your style. In the bedroom pictured below, a storage problem is creatively solved with a clothes hanger headboard.


While you may not have a backyard, you can still create a beautiful outdoor space. Delicate string lights on a rooftop with a dining area can give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as you please.

Lofted apartments are fairly common in the city, and can provide a design challenge. However, if you work with your space rather than against it, your result will be absolutely beautiful.

If you don’t have the space for separate rooms, make certain multi-purposes. In the apartment below, the kitchen serves as a kitchen as well as dining room, and it looks great.