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Chinese House Decor Interior Ideas

The Oriental architectural concept is the inspiration that comes from the far East countries of Asia, especially China and Japan. The Oriental interior design is the combination of simplicity, nature, and the energy to produce the atmosphere of peace and quiet. For a more focused discussion, we’ll review the Chinese house concept as the main subject.

The Chinese interior color applications tend to use colors like red, brown, gold, and black. In terms of colors, red is the most popular color for the Chinese. Because it is said that red is the color that symbolizes success and prosperity. Integrate red on the walls of the room. You can improve the wall coloring design by combining the red with white or blue in some particular walls, but red is still the dominant color. For the other color, you can integrate it as the decorative element such as the sofa and furniture with the black, the flooring applies brown, while gold is the color of Chinese interior brass accessories.

The Chinese interior concept can be identified by the integration of the detailed handcrafts represented by animals such as fish, dragons, birds, or other figures of the Chinese mythology. This interior decorative element is very important to create the Chinese culture inside your house.

China is identical with Feng Shui, therefore it is wise if the interior design of your home is a bit referred to Feng Shui. Thus, the selection of colors, objects, furniture, and other elements will be done very carefully in order to bring “benefit” to the occupants of the house.

For those of you who would like to have the distinctiveness inside your house, the Chinese house concept offers something different and exotic compared to the other traditional home cultural design. The richness of the Chinese decorations meets the elegance of the Feng Shui design will bring the “other” design for your home.

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