Children Bedroom Interior Design


Child’s bedroom is an important space in the house. This space becomes a very personal place for the children to do their daily activities. Therefore, this space should be able to provide the comfort for the child. There are a few things to think about to make a comfortable bedroom for the children. The design and furniture are two important things to think about. Both of these can be got from any reference source primarily from books, magazines or the Internet.

The bedroom consists of a comfortable bed and mattress. The bed frame can formed according to the wish of the child. While the selection of colors and motifs of bed cover is usually composed of bright colors such as pink as the dominant color for the girls’ bedroom or blue for the boys’. While the bold colors like red, yellow, orange and green can be mixed and matched for the accentuation of furniture and accessories.

The decoration and the arrangement of the children’s room will be easier when we have a design plan in advance. Pay attention to the room layout and the condition of floors, walls and windows. Then, determine the sleeping, studying, and other areas that children need. After that, proceed with the preparation of furniture such as beds, wardrobes, desks and other items needed by the children that adjust to the dimensions of the space.

Finally, the determination of the color and decor of the room is as the finishing touches that must be done. Once the design of the children’s room arrangement is in your hands, the next step is to determine the color theme. People often think that the bold colors can be freely mixed and matched because it is a children’s bedroom. That’s totally is wrong! First determine the dominant color that matches the character of the room or your child’s personality. Then, that chosen color is used as a reference for determining the decoration and other color variations.

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