Interior Design

Chandeliers Designs

Chandeliers are often only seen as an opulent feature to decorate your foyer or dining room. However those days are gone when chandelier were only associated with luxury; new era calls for eccentric and eye-catching fixtures that could be incorporated anywhere in your house.

The Globe-shaped chandeliers covered with networks of wires can radiate a look like no other.

It can integrate with your minimal modern furnishings to bring a cleverly cute look. Jelly-fish shaped chandeliers are also an amazingly unique way to decorate your foyer for underwater beauty like no other.

The traditional prehistoric era of designing your dining rooms with extravagant chandeliers is still eye-catching and pleasing to the eye.

Classical heavy metal chandeliers embellished with gold-inspired jewels when hanged over your lavish dining table would certainly be a hot topic amongst your guests at dinner. For an extremely magnificent look, a waxy chandelier encompassing candles can be a brilliant fixture too.

Numerous disco balls put together in a chandelier can bring out the 70s look for you. This dazzling fixture will not only compliment the retro furnishing but also lighten up your mood.

Glass-rings chandeliers are also brilliantly designed in contrasting red-and-transparent hues to embellish the beauty of your living room and bring out a wow-factor.