Paint Colors

Paint Colors

Pantone Color Trends

As the consumers are becoming increasingly color savvy and color aware; Pantone Trends brings forward colors that are not only exciting but overall appealing in character. Vibrant and deep hues are being continuingly reflected within smooth and sleek surfaces like the kitchen cabinetry...

Paint Colors

Pantone Colors

The entrance of sand into the Colors; surely describes how customers might now move towards the antique and traditional brilliance. This sunflower base-inspired look would look lovely in the spring and the summer. Sand is among one of...

Interior DesignPaint Colors

Room Painting Ideas

When your kids move out; it’s a state of utter confusion to what to do with their room carrying nostalgic vibes. For such rooms, the empty nest room colors might just do the trick of adding brilliance....

BathroomPaint Colors

Color Palette Bathroom

Your Bathroom isn’t the conventional place for only one purpose. These days, the bathroom could mark luxury and opulence and be the status symbol for many. In such cases, the ideal color palette for a bathroom could make the...

KitchenPaint Colors

Color Palette Kitchen

The famous saying of Kitchen being the heart of the home is only possible through cohesive and brilliant color palettes. Showcase your excitingly trendy kitchen through appealing colors which would define perfection. A Mediterranean Kitchen is a brilliant inspiring look for...

BedroomPaint Colors

Color Palette Bedroom

After a long tiring day, when you can’t even feel comfortable in your own room then what’s the point of even living in it. Make yourself feel cozy and at easy all of the time...

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