Modern Garden Ideas

There is a modern trend towards shifting towards gardens that are easy to maintain yet provide with all the aesthetic elements possible. Gardens are implementing functional techniques like applying stone, wood and concrete as its basic ground...


Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Lighting Ideas for the outside of the house may be insignificant to many people designing their houses, but if designed artistically, just a few lights can bring a whole new life to your home. Illuminate the cobblestone...


Outdoor Lighting Tips

The essential element to focus on while designing Outdoor interior is the illumination strategies and plans that would force your guests and neighbor to take a second look. A thoughtful pre-planning lighting system could be a treat...


Garden Design Ideas

To your small space of outdoor; utilize it effectively through excessive plantations and long blooming flowers. A marble stone stands in between and harbors a mailbox for an aesthetic feel. Your Garden could be bounded by bricks...


Garden Lighting Ideas

Lighting is the cheapest magic trick to use to embellish the beauty of your garden. Try ideas to illuminate setting space and create a distinctive mood in your garden like never before. Placing kerosene lantern...


Relaxing Al Fresco

With the worst of the summer heat past, and breezy fall weather on its way, its the perfect time to spend time relaxing outdoors. These trends will make spending time in your outdoor space as comfortable and...

GardenHome Design

Outdoor Design Ideas

It’s essential to decide upon your exterior surfaces textures; hence choosing the same color schemes with different styles could be pleasant to the eye. Sandblasted and flamed polishing put forwards more trip resistance than a refined or...

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