Living Room

Blue Living Room

Add a relaxing and soothing effect to your Living Room with Blue Accents. Whether it is navy blue, teal or cornflower blue shades; classical feel is always guaranteed when the options to avail are the blue shades.

Wooden framed ceilings, windows and doors often go unnoticed because of the introduction of bold colors are too much highlighted because of a dull and soft palate.


Let your natural wooden decorations be complemented by the beauty of pale blue color which could compete with its pace and create balance. Keep your sofa leather faun, lamp shades grey, paintings pink; however apply crispy pale blue accents as the base of your lamp or as the major pattern hue of the oversized cushions.


Soft blue walls in the living room could create a warm and a wonderful sensation. Invite your guests over and let them be attracted towards your exquisite living room that allows natural light pass through the floor to ceiling living room windows.

French toile upon the arm chairs could create an aesthetic feel while being complemented with faded orange monochromatic cushions.

A living room that opens up to a seaside view would find blue color as the perfect shade to within its bounds. Blue and white fabrics incorporated in the sofas and wallpaper could be highlighted by dull yellow colored feather rug.

Sliding doors with white framed panels could be the key towards entering the luxurious outdoor scenery.