Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you like the color blue and wish to add it to your kitchen, but aren’t sure how to incorporate it? Here are a few ways to show you how you can go about painting your kitchen blue and make it look elegant at the same time.

If you already have a kitchen painted white, save the money and time by only painting the kitchen cabinets and cupboards Alice Blue. It will set a cooler tone and new look for your kitchen instantly.


For a southwestern look, paint the kitchen cabinets turquoise and add rough-cut ceiling beams along with beige floor tiles, if you have the time and money to give your kitchen a makeover.


Give your kitchen a warm, classic cottage look by using a color scheme of pastel blue, white and green.

With white countertops and cabinets, light green counter and blue walls, add flagstone tiles to your kitchen to complete the welcoming look.


Or you can simply paint the kitchen counter rich, dark Denim and have a yellow marble countertop.

Paint the walls and cabinets pale white and finish off with a rust-red flooring to give a vibrant yet edgy look to your kitchen.