Blue Bedroom Design Ideas

The Blue color is best described as a soothing and relaxing color that would put your mind to ease after a long and tiring day.  The trendy use of bold prints in the bedroom incorporated with Alice blue color would create an inspiring look against rich brown Fabric bedding.

The drapery could be designed in a monochromatic color that reflects the true modern era of minimalism. Blue color is often mingled with a light atmosphere produced by the subtle patterns.

Mod floral prints over a blue color on the bed frame and floor-to-ceiling windows to allow natural lighting could guarantee a wow-factor.  Red bed rods against lighter blue color in the wallpaper gives a vintage look however is exquisite in its own way.

Complement this antique beauty with framed postcards above the bedding for a unique artwork design. This generation loves to adopt striped patterns upon the walls while highlighting it through giant designs upon the carpets.

Layering blur floral carpets is an amazing way to achieve an eclectic look however the limit of complexity and confusion should be kept in mind considering what a disaster it might lead if not executed properly.

The classical combination of blue and white are a perfect way to give out a Mediterranean look characterized by checkered flooring contrasting both the colors and antique Victorian styled royal furnishings.

Add a coastal effect through painting your ceiling sky blue and take away all the negative vibes away from your room.