Blue Bathroom Designs

Translucent presence of blue in the twin sinks of a Blue color-inspired bathroom is the focal point to ponder over once you enter the bathroom. A sleek and contemporary vision is created if mosaic tiled incorporating dark blue colors are placed as a backsplash.

 Even the tall windows with blinds used would highlight the true coastal feel of the room.

 Add a whimsical feel to your surroundings through simple sky blue colored walls and minimal units. A free standing sleek white bath tub with a gooseneck faucet would complement the quietness and calm scenario already created by the tall naked windows.

 A Victorian styled cane pouch with navy blue wired tangling is also an amazing way of holding bathroom equipment.

 The classic blue color could be twisted in a unique yet inspiring look through irregular shaped brick tiles bulging out of the walls and giving an alligator skin feeling. Sleek silver accents throughout the room like the framed mirror, hangers and faucets embellish the area even more.

 For a handsome and adorable look go for sky blue coloring of the walls and traditional features that highlight true prehistoric era. With circular framed windows, marble counter top and woodwork this bathroom is a treat to spend time in.

 Electric blur color paired up with jet black color could be an amazing way to decorate your bathroom. The shades upon the window could be brilliantly bordered with simple black color and similar shade vases could be incorporated in the in-built open shelving.