Black Bedroom Design Ideas



Combining white with black is a brilliant yet an initial way to remodel your bedroom. This mixture has always been used for a classical feel that could always amaze your guests.

Modern black bedroom designs like all other themes calls for minimalism within the whole room.

Add charm to your room through a wooden floor with a low height bed with white base and upholstery contrasted with striped black and white wallpaper and a square shaped sofa.

To complement this simple and modern room add large colorful paintings as a highlighting factor. Black surely doesn’t mean that you cannot please your wife! a feminine touch can even be achieved through a classic bedroom with lovely grey floral prints over black ceiling.

Create an airy feeling through the use of tall floor to ceiling windows with sleek curtains falling over.

The sunshine could highlight the white furniture in the room and black wallpaper that gives a look like no other! Make your room look like a hotel suite through luxurious modifications ranging from crystal chandelier and Victorian furnishings.

Wallpaper if done jet black could complement the pendent lights upon the white glossy ceiling.