Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Give a build statement to your bathroom with Black Bathroom Designs which defines the true elegance. A jet black wall could be perfectly complemented with white minimalistic fixtures that could give out a quiet and peaceful sensation when visited.

A circular mirror with floating shelf harboring sink could be a beautiful way to portray the vanity. Every unit could be shaped in a square inspired manner with a white floor creating reflecting surfaces.

An artistic way of embellishing a black bathroom is through brilliant wall art and a black chandelier hanged upon the bath tub. These black fixtures could be incorporated upon a white themed wall.

 The vanity space could have a striped back splash for a visual impact. Placing artwork pieces and sculptures in either side of the bathroom and a corner light fixture is an amazingly brilliant way to catch the eye if a guest.

 A wonderful idea to go with is placing a vintage storage hutch against a black painted wall in front of a luxurious rectangular bathtub. Crystal hanging like wires could further augment the smooth bathroom effect.

 You could even incorporate black mosaic tiles in the shower area or have red blinds and striped floors. Noticeable changes in the shapes of the bathroom units could be a brilliant idea too.

There has always been an inspirational look that black gives hence many couples chose this color to portray their feelings and lifestyle.