Best Floor Ideas

The Best Flooring options for your children’s room could range from imaginative ideas to the most neutral ones. The puzzle flooring idea is the most quirky yet distinguish feature that could certainly create an innovative environment where your child would always feel enthusiastic to learn and play.

Fluffy circular shaped rugs placed upon the floor with distances could be the perfect way to let your babies to crawl and learn to walk in happiness.

Bamboo has been seeing much popularity since its arrival in the market. The newly engineered bamboo product with more strong fibres and its stronger features makes it more functional than the traditional bamboo flooring.

Mimic the classic hardwood design by applying bamboo on to the floor in wide-plank style. However keep it in your living room or bedroom because it would certainly be destroyed if fitted in bathroom or kitchens because of the moisture.

Large format tiles are the perfect option for your modern living room in the apartment or the office space. Long ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows beside white sofas could bring out an aesthetic feel to this type of flooring.

The durability of vinyl and stylish look of hardwood can be given by the luxury vinyl flooring option. It stands up the moisture, could be a natural fit your kitchens, bathroom and bedrooms.

All and all it isn’t like the traditional vinyl, rather would be a treat to walk upon.