Beds And Headboards Designs

Beds and Headboards if designed smartly can bring an elegant look to the bedroom. They not only need too contrast for a cohesive look but also need to be qualitative in nature.

Contemporary era calls for minimal furnishings to complement the soft hued bedrooms. An elegant low-height bed with chocolate brown headboard would be a brilliant way to decorate your room.

Embellish the beds beauty by placing LED lights beside the bed; to bring a nice and romantic aura unlike before.

A white headboard can be complemented with textured Persian wallpaper. Convert your simple bedroom in to a master suite by adorning French textures. Complement the beauty by white chocolate wallpaper and embroidered pillows.

Venetian-style headboard looks wonderful with a sheepskin rug and dim shade hues. Give your master bedroom a serene and simple retreat through headboard fabric and steel blue linens.

Detailed curved headboard can be perfect for a romantic look and embellish this beauty with wonderful linens. The corner chair can be contrasted with the tone of the room. For a modern look, rest your huge bed mattress upon a dark wooden base.

What adds wow factor to the room is the trio-shelving behind the bed which consists of beautiful accessories and bamboo wallpaper. The side tables can be replaced with floating shelves that can be adorned with wall sconces.