Bedroom Trends

A new raging Trend For bedroom designs is the more contemporary casual look. This look sets a relaxing and comfortable environment. No matter which house you visit this summer, you’ll find a hint of this everywhere.

There has been a spike in those looking to make their bedroom a sanctuary of luxury, and so the need for organic bedding is helping to make sleeping an even more satisfying activity. To wake up in an organic bedding set is to wake up in the safest, most sensually satisfying way possible. Organic bedding is the perfect addition to a comfy mattress – the problem is, you may not want to get out of bed at all.


From the flowing lines of a modern chair to the mood setting fixtures, every element should increase a sense of harmony and ease. Something essential for this look is an intriguing mix of textures: marble, glass, metals and acrylics.

One thing that every home decorator should be cautious of when it comes to this design is rejecting extraneous embellishments and clutter because the success of this design depends on its simplicity.

For furniture placement you must keep in mind the proportions, angles and smooth planes. For your bedroom to truly grasp the contemporary feel, invite in the sun and focus greatly on the windows.

To supplement natural light, consider subtle recessed lighting, track lighting or graceful torchieres. Contemporary styled bedrooms this year focus on bold colors, art, accessories and fabrics.

You can use furniture such as the ‘Wassily’ or ‘Barcelona’ chair. For this style the furniture needs to be simple, geometric, and unafraid to show its machined materials.


This is one of the most popular bedroom trends and is gaining popularity especially in the Middle East.