Bedroom Paint Ideas

They say that the Color of a Room decides what type of furniture would be used to decorate it, but in an already furnished house it can be the other way round as well.

Translated into a room scheme, colors that are close kin on the color wheel strike a harmonious chord.

Such shades are pleasingly compatible in bedrooms because they share family ties. For example, combine bluegreen, and yellow-green for a spring fresh design or work with yellow orange and red for a high spirited room.

Always try to choose one color to dominate and the other three hues for the basic scheme. However you can have fun with these colors as well.

Varying the trio up and down the intensity scale from warm to cool and light to dark. Sometimes what is essential to create a good bedroom is pattern and texture on the walls.

For example by using the patterns dominant color for large areas, walls or ceilings and echo it in the floor treatment. Use the next brightest hue for the schemes secondary color, on large upholstered pieces and window treatments and finally accents with the patterns sharpest color.

Sometimes to avoid the busy look you can use countrified gingham checks and other lighter patterns.