Bedroom Colors

Color always comes first. It can work magic and can turn everything, even eyesores into visual pleasures. Whether it’s the first impression or the final analysis of a room, after all the finishing touches have been made it is the color that brings the room together.

It is the key to a successful decorating. Color magically communicates with us, silently. We all respond to specific colors, to some bold red may be energizing to others it may be too sharp and nerve jangling.


Colors focus on a more neutral look, not too flamboyant or dazzling but something that can bring your heart to peace and help you relax, after all the worlds enough to shake you up, so why not make your home the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.

Unlike bold colors which immediately demand your attention neutrals communicate in a more subtle, soothing way.

One successful way to approach neutral colors is to gather a range of ‘easy on the eye’ shades. For example you can build a room around gray, a pale hue on walls, a rich charcoal in carpet and a medium tone in furniture.


It is also very important to balance light, medium and dark color values around the room. You can take an artistic approach to the walls with stenciling or elegant finishes such as a comb or sponge painting.

Understanding color principles is the key to creating beautiful rooms and that is what the color designs use. They are a mixture of understanding of the neutral colors.