Bedroom Colors For Teenage Girls

When it comes to Teenage Girls, nothing is ever good enough. Designing a bedroom is already a hard enough job but picking out the colors which will bring the whole design together is even more difficult.

Teenagers are not at all afraid of using bold and bright colors in their rooms. A teenager’s room is there sanctuary and greatly reflects them as well.

If your girl is very feminine then pinks or lavenders with white furniture would suit them great. They can also go for a floral carpet, with polka dot curtains in purple.

At times mixtures of orange and green as odd as it may sound help in creating a fresh look. Some teenage girls are more mature for their age and the frilly curtains and rugs don’t work for them.

Instead they go for more neutral colors, which help create a soothing environment.

They color there walls with works of art. Many teenagers are fond of colors such as dusky violet and loft blue. But the ultimate choice for a young teenager’s bedroom should be based on her own personal favorite colors.

You can take a cue from a prized accessory or simply your child’s wardrobe. If her wardrobe is filled with favorite blues consider a blue based room scheme.