Bedroom Colors Feng Shui

The prehistoric method of Feng Shui helps in creating a more relaxing and peaceful environment for your house.

Creating your bedroom accordingly with the noble colors of Feng Shui can be an attempt for bringing harmony and synchronization between incorporated objects.

The Feng Shui color can be linked with photography, wallpaper, floors and décor items. Vibrant colors portraying the element of fire are suggested in the corner sides of the bedroom either for the leather casing of your comforting chair or as a base color of your attractive paintings.

Earth colors such as Light yellow and beige are a perfect way for the lighting of the room, because lighter shades tend to soothe the atmosphere.

Using mirror with grey frame can be a brilliant way to add calmness and eliminate confusing vibrations. A bowl of water with pebbles or a gorgeous water lily can also be a wonderful way to add elegance to your bedroom.

Wooden floors, certainly rustic brown in color are an exceptional way to express the feeling of abundance and prosperity within the folds of the bedroom.

The supreme color of innocence and purity; white, is a brilliant way for bringing harmony to the bedroom. Drapery and bed sheet fabrics can be given the touch of white and grey in order to calm your consciousness and spread healing Feng Shui sensations throughout your home.

When choosing colors for the bedroom wallpapers, it is recommended that you choose your favorite color. Being surrounded by this color means your body is being nourished by these colors which are giving you optimistic sensations.