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Beautiful Small Home Interior Design Tips

Beautiful concept of a small house can be started by selecting a house plan that is straightforward and easy maintenance. For example, to overcome the limitation of space, the construction of a small house could be advised to be storey. Then, integrate an open space plan and minimize the usage of walls to make the room more spacious.

So, how to overcome the small house decor? Having a small house doesn’t have to make the owner removes the desire to buy furniture, which can allegedly narrow the house.

There are several ways to make a small house still look stylish and spacious, which is to maximize the function of the interior furniture. It means that you are advised to select furniture that can be used for various purposes. To cope with this problem, the partition is the answer. Partitions can be a cabinet or shelf as a room divider. A good lighting system can also be a way to make a room look more spacious.

In the living room, in order to keep the items that you store in the cabinet visible from the outside, use frosted glass as the cabinet door. Choose a sofa that can accommodate four people, and place a coffee table right in front of the sofa. To make a bedroom feel more spacious, you can integrate the closet attached into the walls. In addition to effectively save many spaces, it also can help you save more money. Choose a bed that has a built-in storage space in order to store any kind of items.

The small kitchen can be overcome by presenting a kitchen set that deliberately matches with the kitchen theme, so that it presents a harmony. With a touch of creativity, a small house can look beautiful and stylish.

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