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Beautiful Modern Classic Interior Decorating Ideas

The combination of classical art and the interior design is one of the most distinctive innovations in the world, especially the field of home decoration. The modern home concept with its high and very practical style is combined with a unique art of the classical architectural concept will be nothing but elegant and sophisticated.

The modern classic house interior is usually dominated by classic and luxurious carvings and furniture. When there are many people crossing over to minimalist design, modern classic style is still the ideal choice of rich people. Why?

Although the minimalist home and furniture is the trend now, but the model and the design of classic furniture is more durable. You don’t need to mutually change the furniture just because the trend has changed.

The classic furniture is very reliable to adapt to the age changes. In recent decades, the classical furniture models remain updated, because it prioritizes the aesthetic aspect.

To combine two different characteristics of modern and classic concept into one room, firstly, you need to determine the parts of a room that will be applied by each concept. As mentioned above, the furniture might be the best option to apply the classic concept, the rest can integrate the modern concept.

You can design the entire room, for example living room, with the modern concept due to its simplicity and cleanliness that will facilitate and simplify the family activity in this room. Choose neutral tones, which is included in the modern concept, to be incorporated into the walls and ceilings. White or gray is best suited to present the modernity in this room.

Meanwhile, after you’ve done designing the fundamental part, the next step is to fill the living room. Choose the leather-upholstered English sofa as the main furniture in the living room. Accompany it with a wooden coffee table ornamented with detailed carvings. Don’t forget to also hang a crystal chandelier right above the table.

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