Interior Design

Beautiful Mirror Designs

Create architectural elemental inspired designs through hanging Mirrors which look beautiful and elegant. Classic Venetian window styled mirrors allows a creative approach towards seeing your appearance rather than the normal square shaped ones.

A baroque inspired mirror integrated upon your foyer in front of the Persian wallpaper creates a sensational look like no other.

Classical embellishments like wall sconces and white toile sofa makes it look even more gorgeous. The penguin-shaped mirror beside your living room wall is the trendiest of all designs which represents Italian beautiful décor.

Mosaics that are the frames of your mirror are the most beautiful characteristic to be involved with. Dazzling cutwork and beaded fragments brings out a brilliant piece of artwork perfect to be hanged over your bathroom tub. Illuminate it with integrated and concealed LED lights that could bring out a look like no other.

Luxury mirror add elegance to your beautiful apartment and surely isn’t the design one should miss. With framed beauty and silver finish upon the mirror; luxury mirrors look best upon dressing tables with sleek stylish legs.

It could be mounted upon textured purple wallpaper with a chandelier hanging just beside it to add to the opulent personality of the room.

A touch of glass for your entrance reveals abundance of secrets about the owner of the house. Inspire its features with framed Mediterranean patterns and mount it above turquoise printed wallpaper.