Bathtubs Design Ideas

Bathtub surrounded by gorgeous tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows treated with café-styled shades can certainly bring out a stunning effect.

If you’re encircled by nature’s magnificent beauty then chose tub styles which would make you bathe gladly. Raise the height of the tub, by placing it above a platform and embellish the vintage-styled tub with fresh flowers placed on the window shelf.

A mosaic vertical styled design upon the ceiling can be a smart way to make your bathroom look higher; and more colorful.

If you’re looking for an ultimate luxury treat, then remodel your bathroom and surround your bathtub with wooden fixtures. Furthermore, for a luxurious touch; mount a small TV screen upon the top corner for a wow-factor.

Add a feminine touch to your bathroom by having an oval-shaped bathtub and an antique-styled faucet accompanied by floral print curtains that’ll surely take your breath away.

Complement this elegantly styled bathroom with a light pink Victorian armchair for a look like no other.

The flooded concept of an in-built bathtub within the floor can be luxurious yet extremely modern in its own way. With a small fountain releasing droplets, gives away a sensation of nature scenarios otherwise uncommon in indoor.