Bathroom Storage Ideas

Running out of shelf space but not of stuff? Don’t worry we’ve got perfect Bathroom Storage Ideas. Gone are those days, when a simple mirror cabinet was enough to store essential bathroom products.

Kitchen and bedrooms are not the only rooms that require plenty of space, these days call for creative storage ideas where there can be productive utilization of minimum space.

Bathroom storage is a challenging business, however with a little clever thinking you can capitalize on what you have.

Cleaning products can be irritating to eyes when not hidden in bathroom, hence attaching shallow caddies to the back of the cabinet for storing cleaning supplies can do the trick! Growing trend of pull-out waste bins and glider drawers to hide bathroom essentials have certainly caught the eye of many customers.

Simple and graceful ways of storage can also be done by utilizing space below the windows by adding hanging bars.

Hooks are a useful tool to hang every necessary item ranging from towels to daily clothing. Counter-top can be utilized for storage, by arranging stylish trays and baskets for storing necessary items needed every now and then, ensuring productivity with a stylish touch! Many look towards a shortcut in renovating their bathroom with good storage space within budget, and make it possible by installing wire racks, wall shelves for stylish baskets and hanging bars behind the doors.

Women and teenage girls often have overflowing items which can be stored in the bathroom in an elegant eye-catching way. Steel equipment attached with cabinets can be a wonderful idea to store numerous hair tools ranging from a simple hair brush to curling irons.