Bathroom Storage And Vanities Design Layouts

Now don’t worry about the daily clutter that roams around your countertops because brilliant storage solutions are waiting for you! Avail the best options for your Bathroom to bring out a neat and tidy appearance.The most common dilemma is when you run out of shelf space however not of toiletries. The concept of back-door-storage is not uncommon; but would need special designing layout to bring about a modern look.

Attach shallow caddies at the back of the cabinets to store every other daily item ranging from extra soaps to cotton balls. Cleaning supplies which usually hang around deep in the cabinets can be arranged in an organized manner for your ease.

A floating storage can be a wonderful way for conveniently placing towels and toilet accessories.

Your vanity layout can be designed in an innovative way characterized by; pull-out step stool for kids to save floor space and under-cabinets accompanying drawers.

When designing a master bathroom; don’t forget to make his and hers sink. Separate it with vanity space with granite top and an extra medicinal cabinet above.


Often do we see, corner spaces left alone; but not anymore! Place a plant stand as a storage caddy and store shampoo, soap and scrub materials for an appealing yet practical look.