Bathroom Sinks Design Ideas

Make your Bathroom the most interesting place of the house with installing sink fixtures like no other!

A wing wall sink is an unusual architectural elemental design that’ll make your bathroom to be the trendiest topic amongst your friends.

This design features a basin in a swiped shape, a slight fall in the middle and a faucet not competing with the sinks look and attached to the wall for minimal look yet giving an overall stunning effect.

Another amazing way of designing your sink is by attached a wooden plank to the wall and cutting a pattern within it for the water to drain away in pattern of grooves.

Wall-integrated basins can bring out a futuristic flair to the whole bathroom. Embellish its beauty by structurally changing the basin shape or installing LED lights within it for a brilliant effect. The waterfall sink effect can be an innovative idea to apply; to give a wow-factor to the whole area.

If you’re looking for making your bathroom a victim to the science’s latest high-tech equipments then sleek touch screen sinks is the option you shouldn’t just miss.

They can provide a multi-purpose utility for you to choose any temperature or quantity that suits your mood. A two-tier sink can also be a wonderful way to give your feet a convenient wash or can even let your kids use it with ease.