Bathroom Designs

Bathroom designs focus on class, elegance and beauty. Gone are the days when decorating was only limited to dining and bedrooms.

For bathrooms with little space and those cut up by windows consider the diagonal or on-the-diagonal bath tub arrangement.

Walls and ceilings can do much more than simply adding color to your bathroom, they can add pattern, texture and special interest as well.

Faced with a place that lacks architectural sparkle? Use paint, paper and a bit of creativity to build character into your backgrounds. Always accessorize your bathrooms with little bits and necessities such as rugs and towel holders.

Wooden floors at times work very beautifully in bathrooms, but wooden tiles that work well in bathrooms are difficult to find and are expensive.

Some beautiful wood tiles are those which have the parquet design or the much simpler strip design. Durable, care-free, and beautifully designed, the new generation of resilient floor coverings is the answer to numerous decorating problems and works as hard as today’s home.

A high quality resilient floor is usually sizable investment, but with careful installation and minimal upkeep, you can expect a high return, in good looks and long wear on that investment.