Bathroom Design Ideas

Once, the bathroom was relegated to second-class on the decorating scene. Bathrooms are not given much importance and are overlooked in the house. But it is the bathroom that truly forms the first impression of the house, not the dining, not the kitchen and definitely not the bedroom.

Some baths are as big as the bedrooms they adjoin. But, of course, more baths are far less extravagant in terms of size or appointments.

Today’s bath is a sybaritic center designed to refresh both body and the soul. Today’s universal yen for healthy bodies and tranquil spirits has transformed the humble bathroom into a luxurious retreat.

Luxury is defined in a very private way it is as to what makes one person feel pampered. Essential for the deluxe bathroom is grand-scale space for requisite complement of indulgent fixtures and furnishings.

Other ideas include old and ancient themed baths.

This can be done by adding a few pieces of the past, a marble topped chest for storage or a flower filled English lavabo.

Other designs and ideas include more modern looking bathrooms and those which have a vintage feel to them.