Bathroom Design DIY Tips

A nicely designed Bathroom makes our daily toiletry needs more comfortable. You can add a frame of yellow bulbs on the mirror of above the sink so that your bathroom is accurately lit to let you see yourself clearly.

A mat is a must outside the bathroom so that you go in with clean shoes and come out with clean shoes.

You can take oil paints and paint on the edges of your mirror to make it more colorful and pretty Bathroom scents are available in most general stores which can be put in your bathroom so it never smells unpleasant.

A fur coat for your toilet seat can be glued on as it makes your bathroom prettier. You can edge the bathtub with a carpet and put a towel hanger besides you shower area and bathtub to create taking a bath or shower an easy activity.

You could design your own bathroom with the most exquisite touch with the use of contrasting elemental features.


A backsplash with mosaic tiling to the vanity area and a similar texture towards the base of the free standing tub could look brilliant.


Your own handmade baskets could take refuge in this wonderful bathroom and could be the perfect storing option for laundry or towels.