Bathroom Countertops Design

Countertops can be defining feature for your bathroom vanities; hence for a perfect inspiring look design your countertop with the best quality featured materials yet giving out a striking appeal.

Polished-silver travertine counter can be a perfect way to complement a long vanity there for a spacious experience.

Fit this space with wall sconces and wooden cabinetry for a further exquisite experience. For crisp and clean designs, adorn the beauty of your bathroom with marble flooring and concrete countertop for you to experience spa-like sensations.

Rick brown and sage shades of the bathroom can embellish the beauty of the marble countertop above a dark wooden vanity.

To top this appearance fit a wooden framed mirror that’ll surely complete the look of this wonderful kitchen radiating a fresh and natural look.

Giving your countertop with a splash of color can simply bring creativity and liveliness. Mosaic tiles can also achieve this look by matching slate color with vanity wraps.

Often, customers look for ideas to make their small bathroom feel bigger. Glass countertops can achieve this goal; because of the unhindered views of floor providing a spacious environment and glass vessels sink to grant a stylish and modern look.