Bathroom Color Ideas

Without colors, even the loveliest of furnishings go flat. Color can make a great difference, by visually stretching or shrinking a space, raising and lowering ceilings, and even altering moods.

Colors are an inexpensive and indispensable asset in home decorating. Even the most refined and polished of bathrooms aren’t complete without color.

Without color it looks as if it’s a hollow space detached from rest of the house. Nature sets the color thermostat, so it’s important to consider the visual temperature hues before you decide on a palette and dip into the paint.

Warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges are fueled by sunshine and are generally to be avoided when it comes to small bathrooms.

If your bathroom has a few windows and enjoys a sunny southern exposure then it would be better to work with neutral colors and shades of gold and light brown.

In north facing bathrooms you should let the cheery bright colors compensate for the low light. Color and light are inextricably linked.

Incandescent lights usually add warm yellow casts to colors, standard fluorescent tend to cool colors down with a slightly gray cast and halogen bulbs produce very white light with little color distortion. This relationship is extremely important when you decide on a bathroom color.