Baby Bedding Designs

Picking out Bedding Designs for your baby can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what you’re looking for but want to select the best. Pink for girls and blue for boys? Step out of the cliche and go for different colors and designs.

Paint the room green for your princess and select a similar green colored bedding with a hint of pink here and there.

Pick out the sheets that have strawberries printed on them to tone down the green and compliment the pink frilly bed skirt. It’s girly and different at the same time.

Choose light blue sheets with the air force camouflage print for your little pilot, with a similar non-frilly bedskirt lined with plain light blue cloth that matches the theme of the sheets.

Hang a toy airplane on the wall next to the bed and complete the look for your little boy’s room.

For a brighter room that is not too loud, go for colours like white, green and orange one or two shades paler.

A plain green bedskirt for white sheets with light orange and green floral prints and cushions of the same colour would do the trick. Paint the walls pale yellow-orange for the summer look.