Sauna Design

Attractive Sauna Designs

Gone are those days, when only functionality satisfied you and your guests. Today, a sense of fashion and functionality when integrated together creates an attractive Sauna design like never before.

Combining traditional elements like cedar enclosure and wooden benches with contemporary features like glass front and ceiling panels could create an attractive beauty for you to boast around.


Unique twists could be achieved through applying cut work on your enclosure and combing LED lights beneath benches.

A sauna door could look brilliantly unique with 4-door window design. Octagonal feature of this door makes it attractive and solid cedar characteristic brings a unified and organized look.

Deciding your stove material could be the deciding factor in determining the efficacy of your sauna. Keep in mind that cast iron and thick steel plate combination is the best choice to go for.

A water tank that could hold up to 8-gallon water should be your target because it would let you relax and not worry about any sort of problems that’ll arise further because of water shortage.

Even at times, you build your sauna in places where electricity isn’t naturally available hence using this formula could be the wisest choice. Blue glossy tiles and a free style tub beside your Sauna kit could be a charming idea to add personality to your kit.