Attractive Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom Designing features the appropriate storage spaces to the exquisite bathing experience. It’s not the last decade when you could survive with a mirror cabinet to hold all your stuff; now with all those latest hair gels, shampoo, feet scrubs one needs extra spaces to fit it all!

With overflowing items floating like clutter upon the countertops; one can simply attach a steel equipment to store numerous hair tools.

Bamboo paneling can surely relieve you through all pains and showcase its beauty through floor-to ceiling windows.

Warm shades and soft hardware can make your small bathroom look larger. Powder room can be tiled with extreme dark shades and embellish its beauty with the perfect vanity and mosaic tiles.

Wood floor can be authentic approaches however do not forget to choose the layered ones otherwise it’ll get all soaked up!


Categorize a separate place in your bathroom with a subtle gliding mirror to see your appearance daily. The gliding approach can give you the opportunity to store tons of items.

Marble flooring can be an amazing way to add a feminine touch, complement this beauty with detailed accessories and flower vases. Another attractive design is to contrast black marble with apple green and yellow mixtures.