Apartments Design

Attractive Apartment Designs

A small Swedish Apartment could be the reason where all your needs are incorporated and a cute look would always be guaranteed. With an entry archway partitioning the living room and kitchen provides a cozy look; complemented by throughout rustic wooden floors.

Sleek white and anthracite grey cabinetry if is embellished by the beauty of graphic backsplash pulls off a wonderful look. An attractive apartment could be the combination of an extremely vibrant colors intermingled within sets of patterns.

A circular small stairs could lead to a small space above which leads to your tiny room. Downstairs, the background for every stroke of bright color is shiny grey whether it is the sofas or the wallpaper.

Wall sconces with colored fluorescent lighting could be complemented by burnt orange textured cushions.

A feathery orange rug below the glass dining table creates a cohesive look. To add cherry at the top, the glossy kitchen cabinets could be embellished by shiny burnt orange accents.

Light green is the trendy attractive color; apartments would love to be in acquaintance with, striped yellow and parrot green colored walls behind the sofa chairs, and the stylish cloud white sofa beside sheer drapery gives the room an airy look.

Drum shade upon the dining table and under cabinet Led lighting gives the final completing touch of brilliance.