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Asian Natural Blinds

Blinds play an important role, either in the aesthetic value or the functional aspect of an interior, especially to enhance the look of a window. If you want something harder and more solid to cover the window, blinds are the perfect match for your window covering.

The Asian architectural design always has an exotic thing which the western doesn’t have. In this case, the natural blinds that consist of two natural materials; bamboo and wood material.

By applying the bamboo and wooden blinds, you have decided to choose distinct materials that are tough, light and also easy-to-clean. These materials can work similarly like the plastic or vinyl one, they can be roll-up or slat-style. But, the most important thing is, the bamboo and wooden blinds are natural materials which give an exceptional look for the interior.

The Japanese and the Chinese are known as two nations that developed the application of natural materials like bamboo and wood to be the building materials. They have proven that natural materials could also be reliable yet flexible building material that can be incorporated into many kinds of building elements. One of which is the window covering or blinds. Those two nations have shown the world that bamboo or wooden could replace the fabric curtain.

Bamboo is more eco-friendly than wood. It only takes a few months for bamboo to reach maturity, while wood needs years. But, it doesn’t mean that the wood is marginalized according to this fact. Both bamboo and wood have their own uniqueness, and also they are biodegradable.

Many tropical-themed houses integrate bamboo and wooden blinds instead of plastic or vinyl blinds. Why? According to many researches, the heat outlay dominantly takes place through the windows, and the natural window coverings like bamboo or wood will optimize the insulation.

However, the utilization of bamboo or wooden blinds is very limited. It won’t be ethical to integrate natural blinds for the living room or bedroom windows. Thus, it’s only recommended for those of you who have a working room in your house.

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