Sauna Design

Amazing Sauna Designs

A good maintained Sauna with brilliant components could bring you relaxation in the worst of the hectic days. Let your sauna reflect intensity of an atmosphere what’ll make you feel all welcomed and invited. Let your sauna kit have the premium amount of cedar possible with better quality than before.

Install a heavy duty Sauna bench of L shaped fitted right in the corner complementing the red cedar. For an amazing safe and secure experience let your Sauna’s be fitted with high-temperature aluminum foil as a vapour barrier for the ceilings and floors.


Also having a stylish scroll work upon the walls for storing necessary equipments is a brilliant way of storage. The Sauna door is the specialty of your amazing kit; which can either be deemed as solid cedar with tinted glass windows.

Get yourself acquainted with a cedar sauna bucket that could contrast with the existing wooden interior of your Sauna; which would create a dazzling sensation perfect for your aesthetic needs

The crackling fire and warming sauna stove is the exciting experience one would never want to refuse.

Having large sauna wood stove with extended neck and water tank at back could brilliantly pull off the sensational look.

Accessorizing your Sauna with stainless steel is the perfect option to go for; because its health benefits which other materials fail to provide. Be sure of not using galvanised materials which possibly could risk toxicities.