Interior Design

Amazing Fireplace Designs

If you want to add a romantic touch to your indoor space then the indoor fireplaces with flickering light accents and sci-fi inspired technology can certainly do so. Elaborating white mantel with cream tones in the surroundings adds a traditional and cozy feeling.

A stone fireplace with an archway and floating shelves on its sides could be the stunning focal point of our room. With candlelight, paintings and patterns integrated to contrast with the overall mood of the atmosphere.

Turquoise and black could be the color palette for your eclectic fireplace design. Adorn your fireplace with mosaic tiles and create drama through incorporating feathery rugs on the floor.

Framed black photographs of sceneries and sheer drapery on the windows makes the whole room looks extremely amazing and inviting.

For your outdoor the pop up fireplaces adds to the modernistic and sleek beauty of the house; where the aspect of portability and functionality is kept in mind. The inferno basket fireplaces could be extremely amazing to add to your outdoors near the swimming pool or in the roof; because it gives an aesthetic element of sleekness.

You bedrooms sometimes are designed in a way that, harboring a fireplace could undermine its essential theme. Hence for such difficult the opulent and amazing boxed fireplace is an inbuilt carrier like a fire trunk.

The open flame design is a unique feature which could be featuring exposed pebbles placed on marble with flames shown to be evolving through it.