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All About Neutral: Bedrooms!

Neutral does not mean boring. These 15 bedrooms feature sleek, uncluttered style, and are as interesting as can be.

This monochromatic bedroom is bursting at the seams with understated elegance.  Patterned pillows and curtains spice up the neutral motif.

While you might not initially consider a room with white walls and flooring, this room is anything but cold. Bold patterned bedding, bright pillows, and interesting artwork all make more of a statement because of the white backdrop.

Even when using neutrals, you can play them against each other to create a strong focal point. While the difference between the hues of gray and nude in this room are subtle, by concentrating all the darker hues in the center of the room with the bedding, and accenting them with a dark lighting fixture, a strong focal point is clear.

Farmhouse is a great look to try with neutrals because it makes a strong style statement. Farmhouse elements are blunt and obvious, and will give your room a distinct look.

If you would like to keep the color palette of not only your room, but also your decorative accents completely neutral, you can create focal points in other ways. For example, install an interesting headboard to immediately draw the eye to your bed.