Home Design

All About Leopard

While you’re not likely to find leopard print in many traditional homes, this neutral pattern is so fun its just too hard to stay away. Get wild and incorporate some leopard prints into your home.

For a delicate hint of leopard, candles is the perfect choice. The warm hues of tan and brown will compliment the warm glowing flame perfectly.

If you’re hesitant about leopard print, try some leopard throw pillows to accent any room for a subtle statement. The pillows will give your room flare, without overwhelming it.

Leopard furniture is also a great way to go. It will give your room a bolder look, while remaining classy. Choose a leopard print that is very soft and neutral if the piece of furniture is large.

Leopard carpeting is a great way to add spunk to any room. You could go for a small area rug, full carpeting, or even carpeting in your stairwell to add spice to your hallways.

For those of you who are willing to take the look all the way, go for a leopard wall. The bathroom is the perfect location for this look as it is a small space. Whether it be paint, wall paper, or any other material, leopard print on your bathroom walls will truly be memorable.