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A Creative And Simple Home Interior Design

simple interior design is a reflection of common urban societies that prioritize simplicity and practicality. The housing is one of the fundamental parts in human life, therefore, urban people need it fast, practical, yet efficient.

Everyone’s dream is to have a comfortable home. A comfortable home doesn’t have to be a luxury house, in fact a home that has a simple interior design is sometimes able to provide a maximum comfort for the occupants. To arrange the home interior, it doesn’t always take an expensive price and luxury items, what you need the most is the creative ideas.

The living room
The first room that is also the central of a house is the living room. The fixtures that must be present in this room include a set of sofa and a coffee table, a television with its stand, and some decorative elements like paintings, green plants, photo frames, etc… To enliven the atmosphere, it would be better if you apply a few spot lamps that points at the paintings to create a focal point.

The dining room
Nowadays, the dining room is like the second living room, where all the family members gather up in this place. Therefore, the design and the furniture layout have to facilitate that purpose. You can start by choosing the best color. White or gray is best as the base color while the decorative color is red or yellow. So, you will have such a vibrant and cheerful impression in this area. However, you have to keep it as a simple interior design by keeping all the infrequently-used equipments in the storage to ensure the cleanliness.

The bedroom
To actualize a simple interior design in the bedroom, don’t put too many furnitures in the bedroom. Although that you have a wide bedroom, you have to keep it from the clutter. One bed, one armoire, one dressing table, and one chair are enough. To make the nuance more relaxing, add aromatherapy candles to soothe your mind and soul.

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