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A Beautiful Yet Healthy Home Design

Beautiful home design is like a common dream for all the homeowners. But the problem is, sometimes we make it to design and decorate such a beautiful yet comfort house, but in fact, there is one important factor often forgotten by many homeowners when they design a house, it’s the health aspect.

Even though it’s simple, a healthy home is much better than a luxury mansion which obviously doesn’t have an adequate the characteristics of a healthy home. What is a healthy home? Healthy home is a house that meets the criteria and requirements that support the health of the occupants.

Therefore, if you plan on making a beautiful home design, don’t forget to apply these criteria for a healthy home :

1. A good air circulation

The first characteristic of a healthy home is the air circulation. A healthy home is a house that is well exposed to the outside air, so it is highly important that the sufficient application of windows in a beautiful home design. In some homeowners, there’s some kind of a habit that makes them so rarely open the windows, or even have an adequate window, because it causes the dust enters the house. This principle is wrong, because if natural air doesn’t come into the house, the more severe health effect can potentially be generated from only the dust polluting the house.

2. A good lighting system

The lighting systems on the of a healthy home has nothing to do with the artificial lighting. In this case, the good lighting is one that comes from the outside a.k.a sunlight. A healthy beautiful home design is a house that has a good natural lighting system, in other words, there is a sufficient openings that will bring sunlight into the room of the house.

3. The green element

Green plants play an important role in maintaining the health of people around them. Beside that, plants can also absorb carbon dioxide which is the main air pollutant. Therefore, in addition making the occupants healthy, green plants are also the aesthetic aspect to create such a beautiful home design.

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