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7 Landscaping Steps

Landscapes can have all sorts of shapes and there can be many reasons for a need for steps. For example, you may have a hill in your backyard that you may need to climb up or down. There are different heights of hills. You may have designed a lower patio, or a higher deck, and so there are different types of steps  you may need! Here are some examples of top designs from this past year.


1. One important factor to consider when designing steps is how well lit they are. You do not want your guests or you slipping or falling over them. Another thing to notice in this design is that these steps are made of cement, which is a material you should consider when considering step design.

2. Metal is another material to consider when designing your steps. These metal steps have anti slip material on them so even if it rains or gets wet, you are safer from slipping.

3. This steps design is very natural and authentic. If you have a natural vibe going in your backyard, these shallow, long steps that are covered in nature may be the ones for you.

4. These steps are similar to the ones mentioned above, but are not covered in grass and are larger and deeper. They are also based off of large stone as their material, which appears more natural.


5. These steps are a combination of gravel and marble brick. They are more industrial looking but may blend with your scenery well and are materials to consider. They are sturdy and can be helpful in the wet seasons.


6. Grassy steps based off cement can be a good solution for the use of the cheap and sturdy cement material for your steps without destroying the beauty of your backyard.


7. If you have built a beautiful wooden deck, then maybe continuing this deck with wooden stairs is the way to go for  you. That is our last and final step material in this blog – wood. Even if your deck is not wooden, this material should be considered when designing your new landscape.



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